PLAB Part 2

PLAB Part 2

The PLAB Part 2 is an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). The exam is designed to test both the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills of doctors. The OSCE stations test a wide variety of skills including history taking, physical examination, communication skills and the ability to perform practical procedures.

The examination consists of a circuit of 14 stations, each of which is 5 minutes long. There is usually also a rest station and 1 or 2 ‘pilot’ stations, which check whether or not a station is suitable for use in a future examination. These ‘pilot’ stations will not be included in your overall mark. The Part 2 exam is only held in the purpose built Clinical Assessment Centre in Manchester.

The GMC have made a short briefing video that shows you what you can expect on the day. This video can be viewed here.

The PLAB Part 2 test dates can be found on the GMC website here.

What Doctors Are Saying

"Excellent question bank for PLAB 1 preparation. Covers all topics as laid out in PLAB blueprint by GMC. "
Dr. Patro, Junior Doctor, New Delhi, India
"Your website looks amazing!!! It looks an amazing way to revise PLAB in short time. I will definitely recommend it to my friends overseas doing PLAB. Thank you. "
Dr N Rasheed, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom
"I've studied for FRCEM using your website and it was very helpful. Also want to say what an amazing resource PLAB Prep is for PLAB students. Fantastic! Many registrars in the Emergency department of CMC, Vellore found it to be very useful too. "
Dr KPP Abhilash, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Vellore, India