About Us

About Us

The authors of this website are all doctors that currently work in the United Kingdom (UK) and have either successfully passed the PLAB test or have many years of experience preparing candidates for UK medical exams including the PLAB test.

Having prepared for the examination ourselves we appreciate the difficulties that it presents. Our goal is to help International Medical Graduates (IMGs) overcome this obstacle and begin work within the National Health Service (NHS).

The question banks on this website have been developed using the GMC PLAB blueprint and based on our actual experiences of sitting the exam. We feel that the questions are highly representative of those that will be faced during the PLAB test and will therefore provide an excellent means of preparing for it.

What Doctors Are Saying

"I've studied for FRCEM using your website and it was very helpful. Also want to say what an amazing resource PLAB Prep is for PLAB students. Fantastic! Many registrars in the Emergency department of CMC, Vellore found it to be very useful too. "
Dr KPP Abhilash, Emergency Medicine Doctor, Vellore, India
"Your website looks amazing!!! It looks an amazing way to revise PLAB in short time. I will definitely recommend it to my friends overseas doing PLAB. Thank you. "
Dr N Rasheed, Junior Doctor, United Kingdom
"Excellent question bank for PLAB 1 preparation. Covers all topics as laid out in PLAB blueprint by GMC. "
Dr. Patro, Junior Doctor, New Delhi, India